A personalization service dedicated to your expectations, you dreamed of it? The Art'emi engraving workshop is full of talent and creativity to personalize jewelry. The Brussels jewelry store offers you the possibility of having Art'emi's jewelry engraved free of charge in just 24 hours. 

I am able to engrave any type of jewelry, whether it is silver, stone, or 18 kt gold. Indeed, the jewels are the reflection of ourselves, you can make a jewel even more original and unique thanks to the personalization of a drawing, a message, a logo, an important date, geolocation, etc... 

That's not all! I also allow you to have YOUR jewelry engraved. You wish to inscribe the date of your wedding on your wedding rings or a jewel that you received as a gift? 

Contact me to make it possible. 



My creative studio is my real playground. This is where my designs are created and where my inspirations come to life. Personalization, timelessness, authenticity and ethics are values that are important to me in order to make jewelry that looks like you.

The manufacturing techniques that I have been taught are identified through the diversity of my creations, which is why the use of noble and resistant materials such as 18 kt gold, 925 silver, platinum, diamond and precious or semi-precious stones is my priority. 

Today, through the customization of your jewels, I wish to deliver my know-how so that you take part in my adventures and thus make my story grow. Finally, I make a point of honour of "made in Europe" which encompasses my philosophy as a company and as an entrepreneur. Art'emi is a jewelry brand that is close to its customers, because each purchase of jewelry should be a unique moment of pleasure and happiness in your eyes.

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At Artemi, our jewellery is all made using traditional jewellery-making methods. With our wide range of customisable jewellery, personalise a style in which you will feel authentic and comfortable. Customisable jewellery brings us closer to others. It is possible to wear your personalised men's or women's jewellery to the rhythm of drawings, words, initials, first names and even dates. The engravings combine affection, softness and memories. Emotions are aroused with each glance at your personalised jewellery. Find an original gift idea with our personalised jewellery.

All our jewellery is handmade in our workshops in Brussels. We only engrave on noble materials such as silver or gold. These materials are timeless in their resistance, but also in their elegance. A jewel filled with softness and quality is meant to be durable and transcendent.

Uniqueness is one of our main characteristics, we are all unique! Celebrating our authenticity and our own character through jewellery that makes us happy and comfortable with our outfits can only be enjoyable! 

We engrave all kinds of jewellery: customisable bracelets for women, customisable pendants for men, customisable keyrings and even money clips!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the engraving of your customised jewellery.

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